Tamborim-workshop la 1.12.

Saamme jälleen Roseiralle valloittavan ja energisen Scott Stapletonin opettajavierailulle!
Lauantaina 1.12.2018 Scott pitää sekä alkeis- että jatkotasoiset tamborim-workshopit.
(Alkeistason workshopille osallistuminen ei vaadi minkäänlaista aiempaa kokemusta!)
Klo 12-13.30 Alkeet
Klo 14-16 Jatko
Maksu: 15 €/workshop (Maksu suoritetaan paikan päällä käteisellä.)
(Mainitse mikäli tarvitset lainasoittimen.)
Tiedustelut: eva(a)roseira.net
Alla esittely opettajasta ja tietoa workshopeista:

Scott Stapleton is from England where he graduated in music (specializing in drums and percussion) and has been active on the European samba scene since 2006. Before moving to Finland and joining Papagaio – where he now directs the tamborim section and teaches – he played with a number of samba groups, including the London School of Samba and the European super-samba group, Bloco X.

He has been taught by some leading samba musicians including Chris Quade Couto (mestre for Bloco X and Tijuca tamborim player) Mestre Jonas (former mestre da bateria for Mocidade) and Joe Hanson (founder member of Bloco X).

Beginners’ workshop with Scott:

In this 1.5 hour high-energy workshop you will be introduced to the wonderful world of tamborim – the smallest and most fun drum in the bateria!  You will learn some interesting tamborim rhythms (and choreography!) and the basics of how to “turn” a tamborim. By the end of the session you will understand what this marvelous little drum is all about!

Absolute beginners, particularly dancers, are very welcome and no previous drumming experience is necessary. This is a perfect workshop if you’ve always wanted to try drumming but not yet found the ideal moment to do it.

Don’t be shy, give it a try

Advanced workshop with Scott:

This 2 hour workshop is aimed those are keen to develop their tam playing and move up a level!

Scott has been all around Europe this summer, “going back to school”  and learning from some of the top tam players in samba – including the Rio legend Thalita Santos. Now he wants to share this knowledge with Finland!

In this workshop we look at four different turning techniques:

– 2:1

– the new “chapada” 3:1 (the Rio standard these days)

– 1:1 frigideira style

– 4:0 (wait and see!)

We will look at some short, interesting and complex rhythms that you can use to practice these turning techniques. You will also be taught to play triplets.

You will be introduced the main “European standard” subidas, part 2 tam lines and part 1 rhythms which are used throughout Europe. Know these and you’ll be able to instantly join in with baterias when you travel around Europe!

You will be taught how to follow the tam director’s hand signals and how to play on a song that you don’t know.

Time permitting, we can look at some combined tam and choc lines and how these instruments work well together.

It will be an amazing two hours!!!

Places are limited so sign up quickly


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